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Our Luxury Student Accommodation in Manchester

With nearly 75,000 active students in the city, Manchester is by far the UK’s biggest student community outside of London and one that has built up a reputation over the years for being one of the most vibrant. With this in mind, the Almero Student Mansions team is delighted to be able to offer a wonderful selection of houses in Fallowfields. In September 2019 we will also be adding some newly refurbished flats in the heart of Norther Quarter, allowing students to be located in the coolest part of town.

With its ever-burgeoning student community, comes a demographic of young people like yourselves looking for accommodation that is firmly on the side of style and sophistication and we are excited to announce that our luxury properties in the city of Manchester are ready to be filled.

Our properties are also on the doorstep of Manchester’s busiest social scenes of Northern Quarter, Deansgate and all the major concert venues meaning you can rest assured that you will be in the thick of the action when renting an Almero Student Mansion in the city.

This will be a great peace of mind for the modern student who will no doubt be looking to explore all that one of the UK’s favourite student cities has to offer. Whether you are heading back from the O2 Apollo, the Ritz or perhaps from campus at The University of Manchester or Manchester Metropolitan, you can look forward to returning to your chic and elegant student accommodation which has been lovingly created for students who enjoy the finer things in life.

You can see some of the Manchester properties we currently have available by clicking the links below and as you will see, they have that added air of style and sophistication that we think you will only get with Almero Student Mansions. We believe the features and very latest facilities and appliances make our student accommodation in Manchester pretty special and you can find out more about just what you can expect by reading on.

Almero Envelope Bills / Utilities

Bills & integrating – there are no hidden extras when you rent an Almero Student Mansion in Manchester. Your monthly fee includes absolutely everything from your utilities to your TV license which means you can get on with student life without worrying about any extra bills landing on your doormat. As we have discussed already, your WI-FI is also included so that’s another thing you can relax about when renting one of our premium student apartments.

Almero Student Mansions Maintenance

Maintenance – Should you have any issues with your accommodation during your time with us, we have a maintenance services which will ensure any issues are dealt with rapidly. This means you can crack on with your studies or your social life even when the dishwasher is broken or your heating won’t come on, whilst we get everything back to normal in no time.

Almero Student Mansions Modern Furnishing

Modern Décor & Furnishings – At Almero we make the extra effort to make our houses stand out, our properties really are the epitome of style and elegance. Were pretty sure you will be proud to be a resident at any of our properties and they are all decked out with the very latest in interior décor and soft furnishings. Aesthetically pleasing fitted kitchens, flat screen televisions and modern drapes, curtains and furniture are just the start with our properties and you will surely be the envy of your uni friends when inviting them round for drinks throughout the academic year.

Manchester: The Lowdown

Now we’ve established that Almero Student Mansions really are the best of the best when it comes to student accommodation in Manchester, why should you be studying in this part of the country? The chances are that you are doing some research on the city’s universities and the social scene, so we have duly done the hard work for you and profiled one of the most famous student destinations in the country.

Two Excellent Universities

Manchester boast two great Universities, The University of Manchester and Manchester Metropolitan University. The former is in the top twenty in the whole of the UK and the latter is building a stellar reputation and has soared up the university rankings over the years. Both have their merits, read on to find out why:

The University of Manchester

As single site UK universities go, they don’t come much bigger than The University of Manchester.

With over 40,000 students and counting, this institution is one of the best in the UK when it comes to research and partners with many of Manchester’s hospitals, providing them with incredible resource and support.

The university also excels in a range of other classic courses which are all focussed around intricate and extensive research and expertly taught courses. The University of Manchester is also right in the middle of the city meaning it is minutes away from transport links and of course, some of our finest student properties. Check this university out on the UCAS site by searching for the code M20.

Manchester Metropolitan University
In terms of size, Manchester Metropolitan University isn’t far behind its more established counterpart with around 38,000 students as of the last academic year.

Despite being a bit behind the University of Manchester in terms of rankings, it still has a proud history and has a bit more of an ambitious and modern approach to education, offering some of the more leftfield courses.

Manchester Metropolitan University, or Man Met as it is affectionately referred to around the city, is always keen to offer university places to individuals with passion and potential.

Student Hotspots in Manchester

Manchester has long been one of the ultimate destinations in the UK for a night out and this is very evident from the options available to you as a student today. A far cry from the Madchester days of the late eighties and early nineties, the hacienda is sadly no more but a new generation of clubs and bars have emerged as the city has become far more cosmopolitan and trendy.

This isn’t to say you can’t find a good old rave if you need one and world famous bands and DJ’s play in Manchester every week during term time, but there are some student friendly clubs that you may want to start with before you start venturing in the city’s underbelly.

5th Avenue and 42’s

Manchester probably offers two of the very best indie rock nights you will find anywhere in the UK as a student, in the form of 5th Ave and 42’s. The two are quite similar but both have their merits and you should really see both of these venues for yourself. They do play other genres other than indie rock, but if you like a bit of Fall Out Boy or Green Day on a night out, then these bars are probably for you.

Hipster Vibes

Manchester was one of the UK’s first cities to become gentrified and this is very evident during a day or night out in the Northern Quarter or Chorlton. These parts of town are ideal if you like to sup craft ale and listen to Thom Yorke’s latest offering whilst reading one of the city’s music rags such as Crack Magazine. Not ideal if you want to dance on the tables or drink endless rounds of Jager bombs, but perfect for the modern, bearded intellectual.

Both of these areas of Manchester are jam packed with quirky, old school pubs and also perfect for sitting back with a book or some uni notes and enjoying a quiet drink in good company. A few years studying in Manchester wouldn’t be complete without exploring the city’s hipster areas.

R&B & Hip Hop

If neither indie or hipster vibes are your thing and you like to get down to some serious R&B and hip hop when out and about, then heading into the city centre to TigerTiger or Birdcage is probably the way forward. You can find both of these venues near The Printworks which is a great location if you’re after some atmosphere and maybe even a pre-drinks movie. These venues are quite strict in terms of attire and certainly aren’t right if you want a civilised pint and a chat, but definitely the best bet if you and your friends are after a raucous night out.

Techno, Drum & Bass and Dubstep

Manchester has become almost synonymous with electro and dubstep over the last decade and events such as Warehouse Project and Fac251 attract students and ravers alike from all across the country every year.

WHP has moved around a bit in that time, from the Boddington’s Brewery, to Store Street, Victoria Warehouse and then back to its spiritual home and Fac251 at ‘The Factory’ has developed a great reputation over the years, just across the road from students’ favourite Joshua Brooks.

If you love this type of music, then Manchester is probably the best place you could choose in the whole of the UK; even over London.

Eating Out

Manchester’s reputation is growing all the time when it comes to cuisine too. Although it is a much coveted fact that the city is lacking a Michelin star, there are all sorts of student friendly eateries for you to get stuck into.

The hamburger revolution was all but born in Manchester and joints such as Almost Famous and Solita are famous for serving up amazing burgers and sides that certainly aren’t for the feint hearted. Yard & Coop, Luck Lust Liquor & Burn and Home Sweet Home are also student favourites and are perfect just before a big night out or even when looking to soak up some booze after a heavy one, so be sure to check them out. They all do amazing breakfasts too!

Getting Around the City of Manchester

Manchester’s transport links are excellent to say the least and in tune with its hipster vibe, the city is doing all it can to go green and give students easy links to travel ethically and easily. Both the universities are in the middle of town, as are most of the best clubs and pubs but should you want to venture out into areas such as Chorlton or Levenshulme, knowing the best way to get around could be invaluable.


First of all, there is of course Manchester’s famous Metrolink service which powers the trams that take you as far as Bury, Rochdale or even Altrincham. You can get wherever you like using the tram (or the Met, as the locals like to call it). City centre stops such as Deansgate-Castlefield, St. Peter’s Square and Victoria will take you pretty much anywhere you like with minimal stops and the service runs until around 11pm too.


If you aren’t a fan of public transport and want to get around Manchester quickly and easily, then the best idea is probably for you to get a bicycle. Manchester is quite proud of its cycle path infrastructure as long as you stay away from the dual carriageway and busier parts of town, it is ever so safe as well.

A fantastic way to keep fit at university and also do your bit for the environment, getting a decent bike when you move to Manchester certainly wouldn’t be the worst idea or you could even take advantage of one of the many MoBikes scattered around the city.


If you’re looking to head into or out of Manchester, then there are three excellent main train stations for you to choose from. Manchester Piccadilly is the biggest and most famous, but Oxford Road and Victoria all offer services running to all of the UK’s most popular destinations. So, whether you are off to Liverpool, Leeds or Birmingham for a night out, heading to the coast or even going home to see your family and friends for the weekend, getting the train in Manchester is a piece of cake.

Things to See In Manchester

Aside from the student revelry and nights out we have mentioned, Manchester is of course a city steeped in heritage having been one of the northern hubs of the industrial revolution. You will see the countless converted mills and factories across the city’s skyline which make it so attractive to visitors and students alike, but what is there to get up to in Manchester when you’re not studying or in the students’ union?


As mentioned, Manchester wouldn’t be much without its proud past in terms of science and industry so what better way to find out all about this than a trip to the Museum of Science and Industry (MSI)? This attraction is visited by tourists all around the world and showcases just why Manchester has been so pivotal to the UK’s economy for the last few hundred years.

The museum is a short walk from Deansgate-Castlefield tram stop, on Liverpool Road and could be the perfect day out when family come to visit.


HOME is the brainchild of the guys who used to run the famous Cornerhouse Cinema below Oxford Rd train station. This is now all but derelict but just around the corner on Tony Wilson place one will find a modern cinema and playhouse, showing independent movies from across the globe and even the odd blockbuster.

First Street on Tony Wilson Place is a great shout day or night anyway, as it is teeming with new restaurants, bars and shops having only been built a few years ago but HOME is undoubtedly its centrepiece. Danny Boyle proudly opened it in 2015 and it has gone from strength to strength ever since and is easily accessible from St. Peter’s Square or Deansgate-Castlefield.

The Whitworth

You will see this name a lot during your time when living in Manchester, due to the local legend Joseph Whitworth who standardised the engineering industry with his threaded screw back in the 1800’s. As such, he has one of the city’s main roads, an art gallery, a museum, a park and a hall named after him; he also part funded the nationally acclaimed Christie Hospital.

The result is a range of attractions, perfect for a day out in Manchester seeing the sights. The most interesting is probably Whitworth Art Gallery on Oxford Road which houses over 50,000 items and is situated on the picturesque park bearing the same name. The gallery has ever changing exhibitions and is open all year round, so be sure to check it out at least once during your time studying in the city.

Media City

A trip to Media City on Salford Quays is always a great day out, especially when the sun is shining as the waterfront is quite beautiful. This is the part of the city that has seen ITV and BBC move much of their operations to and it isn’t uncommon to see celebrities milling about. There are of course all manner of bars and restaurants for you to enjoy in the area and there is also the Imperial War Museum too, which acts as a beautiful backdrop to one of Manchester’s coolest new areas.

Discover More About Almero Student Mansions in Manchester

As you have most probably discovered now, there are few locations more suited to student life than Manchester and we are delighted to have brand new mansions afoot in the city. With two universities that are growing in stature all the time, a buzzing social scene and more restaurants you could care to wish for, there isn’t really a missing bit of the jigsaw when it comes to Manchester and student life.

If this has helped you to come to the decision that Manchester is for you during the forthcoming academic year, then we want to hear from you. Places in our new Almero Student Mansions complex in Manchester are filling up daily, so be sure to get in touch as quickly as possible to avoid disappointment. You can get in touch with us via this website or give one of our student accommodation specialists a call on 020 3667 8864.

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