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    Our Student Accommodation in Leeds

    We are proud at Almero Student Mansions to offer some of the finest student accommodation in the city of Leeds. The area has long been one of the most vibrant student communities in the UK and our properties are the epitome of style and sophistication, giving that little bit extra to students who enjoy the finer things in life.

    Firstly, our accommodation is conveniently located near the hub of the student community, meaning you won’t have far to go when setting off from your plush student home in order to head to your lectures and seminars. As one of the largest cities in the UK, we know it’s important that you are near all the student hotspots and this is why we have carefully considered the location of our brand new student properties in Leeds.

    We like to think our premium accommodation student accommodation is a cut above the rest and you can discover this for yourself by clicking on some of our best properties below. We cut no corners when it comes to ensuring you have all the mod cons the modern student needs and much, much more.

    Just some of the benefits you can look forward to enjoying when staying in an Almero Student Accommodation in Leeds are:

    Almero Envelope Bills / Utilities

    Utilities / Bills – This is of course any students’ holy grail and good broadband is the bare minimum one should expect these days. We always ensure that you have great quality wi-fi in any of our student properties in Leeds so you can surf, stream, game or whatever else you may wish to do. When paying your rent, at Almero Student Mansions this includes all your utilities including essentials such as electricity, gas, water and your TV license. We have already mentioned our commitment to great wi-fi so you can rest assured about all of your student essentials leaving you free to enjoy yourself and study with a great peace of mind.

    Almero Student Mansions Maintenance

    Maintenance  – We will organise any maintenance you may need during your time in one of our Leeds properties. So, you can carry on with your studies or social life even when you think your room may be a tad untidy, as we will be on hand

    Almero Student Mansions Modern Furnishing

    Modern Furnishings All of our  accommodation in Leeds is modern and stylish, so you can be the envy of your university friends. Flat screen TV’s and a fully fitted and contemporary kitchen comes as standard in all of our houses and we believe you will feel at home within days of moving in to any Almero Student Mansions accommodation.

    About Leeds

    But enough about us, why should you study in Leeds in the first place? Well, as we have discussed, the region has long been famed for its suitability to the student life style. Two excellent universities and an ever-burgeoning music scene make it simply perfect for students looking to fuse their studies with the ultimate social life.

    Leeds is the UK’s fourth biggest city and has come on some way from its roots as a 13th century manorial borough. The industrial revolution saw the city grow from strength to strength as it flourished through its production of wool, flax and iron and it built a fantastic reputation for printing and engineering too. A typical northern industrial city, Leeds’ current status as one of the country’s top cities is all built on this illustrious past.

    From being a fairly lowly market town in 16th century, Leeds quickly absorbed its surrounding towns and villages and is the superb urban dwelling it is today. For these reasons, it isn’t difficult to see why tens of thousands of students make the decision to study there every single year.

    Aside from the history of the city, there are all the aforementioned student benefits to consider too. From hipster hotspots to venues playing the very latest bands and DJs, there is so much to get your teeth stuck into when studying in Leeds.

    There are trendy bars such as The Joint, Tiger Tiger and Alchemist if you’re that way inclined or infamous indie clubs such as Brudenell Social Club where many a young rock band have cut their teeth; the city really is a modern metropolis that has something for everyone.

    The student accommodation you will find in the city is ever so close to all of these fantastic areas meaning you can take full advantage of all the bright lights Leeds has to offer before returning to your chic and elegant apartment and prepare for whatever you have planned the following day.

    Universities in Leeds

    Leeds is proud to have as many as five excellent universities in the city, which is why the student population is so diverse and thriving. The two most prominent are University of Leeds and Leeds Beckett University and they offer some of the most prestigious courses you will find anywhere in the world.

    However, there is also Leeds Trinity University, Leeds College of Art and Leeds College of Music which also attract thousands of students every year for those who know they want to get into a specific or niche industry. All of these institutions have their merits depending on where you would like to go with your career.

    Getting Around Leeds

    Like any big city worth its salt, Leeds’ transport links are excellent and ideal for any students looking to get around and enjoy all it has to offer. It can become quite busy in terms of travelling around by car, but the West Yorkshire Metro is very dependable.

    The main providers are First Leeds and Arriva Yorkshire, and should you need to get away from university for the day and head out into the stunning Yorkshire countryside, this is probably the best bet. Although we know Almero Student Mansions residents tend to enjoy the finer things in life, it beats sitting in a traffic jam all day and you will be out in the sticks in no time at all.

    Leeds Railway Station at New Station Street is also conveniently located just by the famous Queens Hotel in the city centre and you can get regular trains to any part of the UK with great ease.

    Should you be looking to get out of the country with your friends and family from the city then Leeds Bradford International Airport is your best bet. It’s just 10 miles out of Leeds city centre in Yeadon and flies to all of the popular locations, whether you are off to see some culture in Rome or to let off steam in Marbella, the airport is as good as any you will find around the UK.

    Famous Landmarks In Leeds

    Of course, there is much more to Leeds than just being a student hub and great night out. As mentioned, the city built up a reputation over the centuries as a market town and through its wool trade but is somewhat of a metropolis today in comparison.

    Whilst neighbouring cities such as Sheffield were booming during the industrial revolution due to their production of steel, Leeds was thriving as a result of its many cotton mills and this is very evident in the region’s architecture today. So, what are Leeds most famous landmarks today?

    Kirkstall Abbey

    Landmarks in Leeds don’t come much more historic than Kirkstall Abbey having been intact at its current site since 1152. Henry VIII did his best to destroy this great site when he de-established the monasteries, but it has survived to this day and is now a favourite site for photographers and tourists alike.

    Following a £5million pound renovation, Kirkstall Abbey now hosts all manner of events from outdoor movies to haunted Halloween discos and has to be seen in all its glory to be believed. You can get to the Abbey easily from Leeds city centre using the aforementioned transport links and could be the perfect respite from the rigour of student life, if only for an evening.

    The Bear Pit

    The Bear Pit is a fantastic example of Victorian architecture in the city of Leeds and has a quite intriguing story behind it too. It was an infamous zoo between the years of 1840 and 1858 which housed a range of exotic plants and wildlife before its wad deemed to be financially inviable.

    Thankfully, Leeds civic trust bought the last remaining features of the Bear Pit before it was developed and lost forever and today, tourists can see it in a similar fashion to how it looked back in the Victorian times. Nestled nicely on Cardigan Road, The Bear Pit should be visited at least once during your time studying in Leeds.

    Leeds & Liverpool Canal

    Whilst canals aren’t usually top of a city’s list of landmarks, the Leeds & Liverpool Canal is a little bit different. Again, evoking memories of Leeds’ industrial past, this stretch linked two of England’s powerhouses during the Victorian times and was used to ferry incredible amounts of coal and cotton between Leeds and Liverpool.

    The canal stretches across the Pennines but the area in Leeds is truly beautiful especially during the summer months. You can pack a picnic and enjoy a day of walking along the canal as it takes you out of Leeds city centre and into the rural underbelly, taking some photos of some of the best scenery you will find anywhere in the region.

    Hyde Park Picture House

    The Picture House in Hyde Park is an extremely popular attraction for students, particularly because it is situated right in the middle of the student village. However, what many won’t realise is the amount of history the traditional cinema is steeped in.

    The picture house has a great reputation for showing independent films at a decent price but back in the 1914 when it opened, it declared itself the “cosiest cinema in Leeds”, not much has changed. This cinema’s décor is pretty much unchanged from how it was back in the day it still has just the one screen with plush red seats and for 50p extra, you can sit in on the balcony.

    For a real taste of how watching a movie in Leeds would have been back in the day, we urge any students to check out the Hyde Park Picture House, especially as its likely to be just around the corner.

    Royal Armouries Museum

    If none of the above takes your fancy, you could of course check out one of Leeds’ most popular museums. The Royal Armouries Museum, as the name quite aptly suggests, displays national collections of armour from throughout the centuries and could be the perfect day out for any war buffs studying in the city.

    The museum is twinned with the Tower of London which also showcases relics of this kind and can be found at Leeds dock, having been opened in 1996. Perfect on a sunny day due to the fact it is situated on Leeds’ beautifully restored docks, this is the perfect Leeds attraction for intellectuals who love a bit of history.

    Student Areas in Leeds

    Unlike some cities, Leeds doesn’t have too many specific areas where students reside as they tend to be dotted around the city depending on which of the five excellent universities they are attending. This is great as you tend to be welcomed as a student wherever you go and there is always an adventure or a night out to be had, wherever you are.

    Having said this, some research has shown that over the last few years students have been moving closer to the city centre. Currently, these are the districts of Leeds that have the biggest student populations:

    • Headingley
    • Hyde Park
    • Woodhouse

    All of these areas are very easy to get to by car, or as we have suggested using the great transport links listed above. Students are welcome all across the city of Leeds but if you want to be right in the middle of the action, you may want to take a look at some Almero Student Mansions accommodation in the above areas.

    Popular Places to Eat in Leeds

    Although the facilities in any Almero Student Mansion more than sufficient to cook up a sophisticated treat any day of the week, there will of course be times you wish to step out and enjoy some of the finest cuisine available in the city.

    Being hugely multicultural and with Yorkshire being famous for all kinds of food and drink (think puddings and tea), there is all sorts to discover in Leeds from a gastronomic perspective. Read on to learn about just a few of the best places to eat in Leeds and why we think they would be perfect for dinner out with your friends, a date or even if you want to impress your family with your sophisticated palate.

    Aagrah – Probably the best curry house in the city, Aagrah serves Kashmiri dishes to die for and has done so since the 1970’s. There are a few of these restaurants dotted around the city although they started in Shipley and have grown from strength to strength due to the freshness of their dishes and the success of their mild-to-medium Hyderabadi. Now a perennial favourite with Yorkshire diners, students should be sure to check out Aagrah as a matter of urgency upon arrival in the city.

    OX Club – Wood fired cooking is all the rage now and unsurprisingly is a firm favourite for students looking to sample the latest in innovative cuisine; OX Club are probably one of the best in the city. With fancy kit, barbecue experts in-house and a grill fit for any restaurant in the world, this restaurant is ideal for anyone looking to impress on a night out. It’s kind of how the cavemen would have eaten, but just stupidly tasty and with an air of sophistication. Save room for dessert, too.

    Pintura – Tapas but with a twist, Pintura pays homage to the Basque region of Spain and gets rave reviews seemingly daily. You can find this restaurant at The Trinity and has been open for around three years now, attracting students who enjoy the finer things in life. Pintura translates as “work of art”, so one can imagine how great this restaurant looks but the punch is packed through the incredible tastes these guys manage to conjure. Great for cocktails and pre-dinner drinks too, making it ideal for Almero Student Mansions residents.

    The Man Behind The Curtain – Our final recommendation when looking for the best places to eat in Leeds is this amazing tribute to the Wizard of Oz. Anyone who has read or seen this classic will know all about the reference and the food here is nearly as magical as this great story. Head Chef Michael O’Hare loves to cook up treats in front of his diners here and the dishes are as close to pretentious as they can be, without being so. We recommend going for the 12-course degustation menu when looking to have an unforgettable meal in Leeds in stunning surroundings. A night at The Man Behind The Curtain is unlikely to be forgotten any time soon.

    Accommodation in Leeds for Visiting Friends & Family

    Although it’s always lovely to see friends and family whilst you are away at university, the chances are that you don’t want them staying in your bedroom or on your sofa. Thankfully, Leeds has a myriad of great options for relatives and mates looking for a great place to stay when in Yorkshire for the weekend or perhaps longer. Below are two of the best for your consideration:

    42 The Calls – This hotel is the epitome of style and sophistication and is most certainly hip. A converted mill making it quintessentially Leeds, this hotel is just down the road from the city’s gay village and Call Lane making it ideal for visitors wanting to get out and about and explore.

    Dakota Deluxe – The name says it all really. Glamorous and slap bang in the middle of Leeds city centre, this hotel is perfect for couples but also caters for bigger groups. Mood décor, great food and complimentary minibars make this hotel a firm favourite among the upper echelons of society.

    Find Out More About Almero Student Mansions in Leeds

    As you can see, choosing Leeds as your place of study is a very prudent move for any students looking to really take advantage of their time away at university in a thriving city. If you would like to take a look at some of our brand-new properties in the area or would like to speak to one of our specialists about living in the area, then just give us a call any time on 020 3667 8864.

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