Many regard the second year at university as the best time of one’s academic career. Nicely settled in after the first year, acclimatised to your new surroundings and friends but without the stress of third-year exams and dissertations; this is the time to enjoy yourself and take advantage of all that being a student has to offer.

This said, there are some things to bear in mind in terms of preparation that can guarantee that your second chapter of university life goes according to plan, and you can enjoy your social life and your studies as much as possible.

As we continue our commitment to ensuring that you have all the student guidance you need even during the summer months, we bring you the Almero Student Mansions s guide to preparing for your second year at university.

Your Second Year of University

So, just what should you be doing as a second-year student that you didn’t quite manage during what was most probably a rather tumultuous first year?

Our best advice is to get involved with all those things you wanted to during year one. There is so much available to you at the university that you may not have had access to previously such as clubs, sports teams, study groups and of course, the social scene.

If you found it hard to balance it all during your first year, then make use of that university prep time you have had this summer and what time is left, to organise things and ensure you embrace everything that student life has to offer. Your three or four years as a student will fly by, and you don’t want to be sat there after graduating wishing you had taken advantage of more.

Preparing for the second year and university

Spend More Time On Campus

If you are studying at one of the UK’s more prestigious universities, then we highly recommend that to get to know your institution and spend more time on campus.

As we have already mentioned, you may well have spent your first-year socialising, getting to know your new friends, adjusting to regular seminars and lectures without actually spending time on-site and getting to know your campus.

Whether this is visiting your library, which is likely to be impressive, to say the least, or perhaps embracing more of the facilities that your university will have available; why not spend more of your second-year being a part of it all. You could regret not doing this when the time comes to depart and enter the world of employment.

Finding Perfect Student Digs

As a second-year student, you will most probably have to choose your housemates and of course, a new accommodation for the first time. Although you may think you know exactly who you want to live with; making the right decision here is a vital piece of university preparation.

Make sure you think you can live with your friends for the next one to two years as once you have signed that all-important contract there will most probably be no going back.

Of course, you can find the finest luxury student accommodation in Bristol, Nottingham and Exeter right here at the Almero site, but that is only half the battle. Make sure you get this decision right as living with individuals you eventually fall out with, can be very unsettling during university, may have an adverse impact on your studies.

Preparing for the second year and university

Keep Healthy

Our final piece of advice for preparing for your second year at university is something we have covered quite a lot here at the Almero blog, that of staying healthy. Make sure you spend the summer getting yourself into excellent physical and cognitive health, as you don’t want to be struck down by the dreaded fresher’s flu.

Eating a healthy diet and exercising at university can have a profoundly positive impact on your studies and we are sure you will stay well on top of that, but take advantage of your time at home by getting into great shape before you go back. This will stand you in great stead and act as a platform for your second year at university.

There will be a fresh batch of freshers arriving this autumn, and you want to be able to go out and celebrate safely in the knowledge that you are fit and healthy. You will no doubt have learnt some valuable lessons in your first year so take these into your exciting second year at university and ensure you take everything it has to offer you.

We hope these tips have been helpful for you as you head into your second year, follow these and we think you will have arguably the best year of your academic career to date. As always, you can contact the Almero team at any time by clicking here.