1. Make it personal


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Photos and posters help your room to feel more you. We love Mixtiles – you can print your favourite snaps from Instagram and they arrive ready to stick to the wall. Move them around when you fancy a change, and they won’t leave any awkward marks. Etsy has a great selection of prints and posters if you want to show off your amazing taste in films and art, and there’s always a great selection available at local galleries.

Consider making a statement out of a home comfort you’ll use all the time. A beautiful mug won’t cost the earth, but it will cheer you up every time you make a cup of tea. Anthropologie have an impressive range of covetable personalised items worth exploring.

Nothing says ‘I’ve arrived’ like a marble coaster with your initial on it.

2. Give it atmosphere


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Feeling at home is about more than just how your space looks, you want to create a whole vibe. Investing in a diffuser is a great way to add ambience with soft lighting and soothing fragrance. Choose citrussy essential oils like neroli when you need an uplift in energy, and relaxing scents like lavender when you need a moment of calm. This one from Muji doubles up as a mood light and will keep you going through hours of intense studying.

A strategically placed Himalayan salt lamp or a bowl of crystals will spread good vibes and cheer you up with their sparkles whenever they catch your eye.

3. Make it cosy


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Blankets and cushions are a godsend when the nights get long and cold. Primark and Ikea both have a great range of affordable options, but you could always have a go at knitting your own. TK Maxx also has some amazing bargains when you can catch them, so it’s worth exploring your nearest store.

If you haven’t got a dressing gown and slippers, investing in a decent robe is a great way to recreate that luxury hotel feeling whenever you feel like it. (It can also save a lot of awkwardness when you want to nip for a glass of water in the middle of the night.)

4. Make it fancy

You don’t have to break the bank to give your space a touch of luxury. Take a leaf out of Marie Kondo’s book and focus your funds and energy on the things that will bring you joy. If that means clearing some space on your bookcase to showcase your belongings better, why not? Read this simple guide to styling your shelves for inspiration. If you’re a bath lover and missing your tub, Lush are revolutionising the shower experience with a whole range of products designed to help it feel like a spa. If you don’t want to splash out, a few drops of essential oil on the floor will create a scented steam, and you can easily DIY a scrub with brown sugar and coconut oil. Ask Alexa to play some rainforest sounds in the background and you could be in a tropical paradise.

5. Make it organised


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Overdoor hooks, make up drawers, under bed storage. All of these touches help to feel your space more cared for and keep you in control of inevitable clutter. Making a feature dressing table space can be really easy and rewarding, drape some fairy lights around your mirror and invest in some of these clear organiser sets from Wilko.

However you make your space your own, we’d love to see it. Tag @almero_student on instagram and we’ll feature your room hacks on our account.