Making Student Accommodation Easy

Almero Student Mansions also makes the often daunting task of renting a property as easy as possible. From the moment you decide you want to have a look around one of our properties up to when you rent it. We ensure that you are looked after either in house through our dedicated team or through carefully selected regional partners. Once you have signed with us we make living easy. We offer a truly all-inclusive price, which includes utilities, TV license and Wi-Fi as standard. This means that no one in the house ever has to shoulder the burden of being the designated bill payer.

About Almero Premium Student Accommodation

In addition, we know that despite our best intentions things can sometimes go wrong. To ensure you are always in the safest hands throughout your stay we have a dedicated management team to provide 24 hour support on any and all household issues and to make sure that these are resolved quickly, efficiently and with the attention to detail that you deserve as a tenant in our Almero student accommodation.